Jeff Frankel speaks for the prosecution.

they will do anything for a few votes, even if their behavior is against the national economic and security interests and blatantly inconsistent with things they claim to stand for: small government, free trade, macroeconomic discipline, good neoclassical economics, and so forth. And they will favor political expediency even if it creates big trouble for themselves a few months or a few years down the road—hence the charge of incompetence.

Glenn Hubbard speaks for the defense.

President Bush has submitted a detailed budget blueprint to the Congress with a plan to reduce the budget deficit relative to GDP by half over the next five years. The President has also spoken often of the need to implement reforms of Social Security and Medicare that would improve the sustainability of those programs. By contrast, as of this writing, the President’s challenger has racked up an additional budget gap of at least $1 trillion—the excess of spending proposals over promised tax increases—over ten years, and he has offered no clues as to his thinking on the outlook for Social Security and Medicare.

For Discussion. What will be different about the economic policies and outcomes of a Kerry first term compared with a Bush second term?