The Washington Post reports that some airlines, which do not control airport screening but do control the lines that you wait in, are giving first-class passengers shorter waits.

Across the country, “elite” lines are making a comeback at U.S. airports. The lines, which deliver high-paying travelers right to the checkpoint without waiting, were common before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but the federal government eliminated them when it took over security from the airlines. In allowing the lines to return, the Transportation Security Administration has irked travelers who say that the airlines’ class system should not extend to airport security

For Discussion. Why do travelers resent the short lines for first class passengers? Is it related to what my co-blogger calls anti-market bias? The article makes it sound as if some people might resent the first-class lines less if they knew that it was the airlines rather than the government that was enforcing the class restrictions. But if the government were doing it, would that be wrong?