Max Borders rightly criticizes a proposal for an international agency to effect nation-building.

A disconnect between the donors and the recipients means that information feedback loops get lost. The structure of the behemoth makes it virtually impossible for that agent effectively to respond to the (often divergent) needs of the principles…Since quasi-governmental behemoths are composed of personnel (and interests) from many nations, they are susceptible to the problems of rule by committee: inaction.

However, Borders falls into a trap himself when he concludes that when we find ourselves embroiled in failed states,

[we] should also be establishing the essentials for prosperous and highly organized complex order: the Rule of Law; an independent judiciary; transparency and accountability mechanisms; a separation of powers; popular sovereignty (constrained by the rule of law); and fixed, enforced property rights.

But those institutions are not pre-requisites for modernization. They are results. Re-read my essay Group Power.