In an op-ed picked up by the Providence Journal, I write,

I am not among the many who believe that single-payer health care is the best solution. However, I think that an experiment with single-payer coverage [by a single state] would bring out the pros and cons of government-provided health insurance. Moreover, it would force the single-payer advocates to finally define what it is that they are talking about.

In reviewing health-care policy issues, I have found at least three versions of single-payer health care under discussion: one that is doctor-friendly, one that is doctor-hostile, and one that is doctor-limiting.

Right now, single-payer represents a “grass is greener” model, where advocates are free to tell us how wonderful everything is in Canada, the UK, France, or wherever. I want to see a state in the United States implement it, with our culture and our technology. Then we can talk about how the system really works, instead of people’s fantasies about how it works.