It’s time to officially declare Ben Casnocha a Wunderkind. Here is his brilliant post on the simplicity of losing weight, becoming a better writing, becoming a better entrepreneur, and being a good parent. The punchline:

Note that just because something’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Parenting, writing, and entrepreneurship are all really hard. But simple.

From your perspective, what’s made out to be complicated that in fact is simple?

Where do I start? Here are simple ways to:

1. Get better grades. Take old exams (same class, same prof) under time pressure.

2. Cope with unpleasant people. Avoid contact and especially conversation. As a rule, you should only argue with your favorite people in the world.

3. Avoid suffering. Anytime you are suffering, ask yourself, “What’s in this for me?” If you don’t have a good answer, stop doing it. “Strangers will laugh at me” is never a good reason to suffer.

4. Dealing with guilt. Do the right thing.

5. Be happier. Negatively, see #2, #3, and #4. Positively, find a job that you enjoy and become best friends with some of your co-workers. Alternately, get your firm to hire some of your best friends.