I’ve long enjoyed negative-but-fair reviews of my work, but this negative-but-fair review of me personally is even better:

This George Mason economist favors free market biases over legitimate democracy, and has more ears in Washington than you might think.

Given the number and diversity of the links, it’s clear that the author, Steven White, is an avid Econlog reader. (Hi, Steven!) Almost everything he says is accurate, though perhaps he should have also told his readers at Campus Progress about my views on immigration, religion, terrorism, and Columbus.

Come on, Steven, even a “right-wing ideologue” is left twice a day.

Update: Steven White responds:

I actually did include information about his atheism and distinctly non-right-wing views on immigration, the war, and Columbus in the initial draft, but this got dropped during editing to help in sticking to the point.


It’s telling, of course, that simply explaining Caplan’s arguments to the average person (or, in this case, an audience of college liberals) makes them recoil in horror (though Caplan, no doubt, would see as a sort of anti-intellectualism or irrationality).

If I were a college liberal, I’d be more curious than horrified, but I guess that means I wouldn’t remain a college liberal for long. 🙂