I still remember Ben Bernnake telling me: “Having a good paper isn’t enough. You’ve also got to think about moichendizing.”

I took his lesson to heart – and then some. The more I thought about my book’s eye-candy cover, the more convinced I became that it would make a great t-shirt. And now, thanks to the kind permission of Princeton University Press, the shirt is ON SALE for just $20.20. Check it out:


I’ve designed the standard version – in fact, I’m wearing it as I write. But you’re free to customize it in hundreds of ways. Don’t like the quote? Pick another! Don’t like t-shirts? How about a sweatshirt, a mug, or a mousepad? (Come to think of it, I may soon add those to my online store too). Yes, that’s the magic of moichendizing in the Internet age!