Of course I’m going to like an animated movie based on an autobiographical graphic novel about the Iranian Revolution. But virtually every critic who’s seen this movie agrees: Persepolis is excellent. Don’t miss it.

My favorite part is when the heroine’s urbane Communist uncle tries to rationalize the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. He drops all nonsense about the wisdom of the proletariat and frankly admits (roughly, I’m quoting from memory) that “Religion and nationalism are the only way to unite the masses.” Touche! Indeed, the only way to improve the Communist uncle’s observation is to add “envy” to his list.

Once you put it that way, though, it’s hard to understand why the uncle wanted a revolution in the first place.

P.S. If the Communists had taken over Iran and turned it into the second Afghanistan, would Western audiences be seeing a movie about the horror of it? I wonder.