Scoff if you must, but I take great joy from most of the negative reviews of my book, especially the ones that analyze my psychology. They are often eerily perceptive. Here’s a highlight from the latest one on Amazon:

What this man REALLY NEEDS is a balcony somewhere, where he can HARANGUE a crowd of HIS FOLLOWERS (fellow Libertarians). OR, since mere English is OBVIOUSLY an INADEQUATE medium for the POWER of his IDEAS, perhaps he would do BETTER to devote his MARVELOUS TALENT to writing GRAND operas in the style of RICHARD WAGNER. More people would PAY attention to HIM that way.

True confession: Wagner is my favorite composer, and if I had a small fraction of his talent, I probably would write grand operas, just for fun. Given my endowment, though, I have to make do by writing graphic novels about grand operas.