No, I am not planning that here. It’s the name of a new web site, which bears a not-coincidental resemblance to Arts and Letters Daily, an old favorite on our blogroll. Current links include a Time Magazine portrait of Lester Brown.

At the heart is a call to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions 80% by 2020 — far more aggressive than anything you’ll hear from political leaders or even most activists.

…Brown argues for a worldwide carbon tax to be phased in at $20 per ton each year between 2008 and 2020, topping out at $240 per ton.

I think that Brown differs from most Pigou club members (a) in the amount by which he wants to reduce carbon emissions and (b) in his elasticity optimism. If you think that the demand for energy and the supply of alternatives are both highly elastic, then you can achieve large reductions in carbon emissions at low economic cost.