Andrew Gelman, King of Charts and Graphs, and author of Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State, has prepared an exclusive set of statistical pictures just for Econlog readers.

Gelman’s graph shows CNN’s exit poll data, broken down by income and ethnicity. The green line is 2000; the purple line is 2004.
If you want more details about these graphs, his 2004 graphs exactly parallels the one I showed in my last post, but the 2000 graphs lump everyone making over $100k into one income category.

Random observation: The Hispanic voting data seem to support my pet theory that the smart long-run strategy for Republicans is to embrace Latin American immigration. Mid-income Hispanics already vote Republican. If you’re willing to generalize from cross-section to time series, it’s quite plausible that economic growth will gradually Republicanize Hispanics – unless anti-foreign populism gets in the way. As I suspect it will.