Happiness researchers often advise us to follow the Epicurean strategy of lowering our expectations. To quote Tsunami Bomb:

Be grateful that you have a brain for thinking,
And legs to take you places.

But suppose your problem is that you’re overweight because you enjoy eating too much? It just occured to me that you could use a simple inversion of the Epicurean strategy.

Example: Suppose your problem is that you have an excessive love of fried chicken and potato chips. Then I suggest you spend some money to sample much higher-quality food than you’re used to. This will raise your expectations – and help kill your love affair with cheap calories.

If, like me, you rarely experience self-control problems, you don’t need to follow this strategy. But if you need a little extra help, perhaps you should spoil yourself for a while. After you’ve gotten used to fine food, cheap buffets may no longer tempt you.