Here’s an eyebrow-furrowing 1-star review of an anti-Obama book I haven’t readI guess the reviewer is serious, but you tell me:

There will always be skeptics and nonbelievers. In “The Obama Nation,”
Dr. Corsi makes clear he is no believer and harbors suspicions about
any messianic figure that appears out of nowhere and builds a fervent
following. He warns that misplaced hope is naive and dangerous. He has
doubts about any unifying movement that is galvanized by a cult of
personality. He has doubts about connections, backgrounds,
associations, hidden agendas, oblique messages, word origins, trust
faith dreams peace hope change . . . Dr. Corsi certainly is full of

It’s understandable to show doubt in the face of forces we cannot
comprehend. Even Jesus had a Doubting Thomas. Which makes me wonder how
Dr. Corsi would respond if Jesus returned and decided to run for the
U.S. Presidency? Surely Corsi would target even Him as “unfit” and

So far Corsi sounds like a pillar of sanity.  The 1-star review goes on:

Here is the truth: some truths are unknowable. Contrary to what Dr.
Corsi exhorts, it’s simply not always black-and-white. There’s a gray
area between veracity and faith, and human truths always have two
sides. In this realm, Dr. Corsi and his “facts” and footnotes have no
relevance. He is rendered tangential and his arguments immaterial.

And people say that no one talks like Ayn Rand villains!  Lest you think I exaggerate, the 1-star review goes on:

Here is the truth: the basic ideas that are brought about by any
visionary that have positive universal applications in our daily lives
can never be destroyed. The words of change, the message of hope and
the idea of redemption will endure. We should not be frightened,
instead, we should embrace the opportunity to witness the rebirth of

Sometimes, you just have to put your foot on the water (Matthew 14:29-31) and if your faith is strong, you will not sink.

You could dismiss this review as the work of a demented mind, but that’s hardly fair – the spelling and grammar are well above average.  You could dismiss it as the work of an agent provocateur, but that’s pretty paranoid.  I’m left with the thought that some smart people think that if we just have faith in our leaders, we’ll witness miracles.  Scary.