Sometimes it seems as if the world has turned upside down. Check out this debate between Pamela Geller, an Objectivist who likes the work of Ayn Rand [her blog is] and Ibrahim Ramey of the Muslim American Society.

Ms. Geller claims (at about the 1:50 point) that the building that some Muslims want to tear down to build a mosque “should be given landmark status.” In other words, the owners, according to her, should not have their property rights recognized.

Then Mr. Ramey says (at about the 2:40 point) that “we reject the notion of collective guilt.”

So the Objectivist attacks property rights and the Muslim defends individualism. Oy! I realize that these aren’t quite equivalent. In the case of Ms. Geller, she really does contradict the principles that Ayn Rand advocated; in the case of Mr. Ramey, his objection to collective guilt goes against what may just be a mistaken stereotype that many Americans hold about Muslims.

HT to Justin Raimundo and Steve Chapman.