She writes,

We already have a blueprint for a bipartisan solution. The Bowles-Simpson Commission hashed out a sensible plan of spending cuts, entitlement program reforms and revenue increases that would shave $4 trillion off the deficit over the next decade. It shares the pain of needed deficit reduction, while protecting the most vulnerable and maintaining investments in our future productivity. Congress should take up the commission’s recommendation the first day it returns in January.

She was the first chair of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. He threw Bowles-Simpson under the bus.

Overall, the Times asked six economists for “blue-sky thinking” and what they got was familiar hobby-horse riding. (David Henderson has already discussed Robert Frank’s contribution to the symposium.) If they set the bar, then James Pethokoukis cleared it pretty easily.

Pointer from Greg Mankiw, who also informs us that John Cochrane has joined the blogosphere with his bracing commentary.