I recommend two new blogs that I’ve been reading in the past week. What they have in common, besides being good, is that both bloggers have been frequent commenters on Econlog. One is “PrometheeFeu’s Blog.” This recent post on tax incidence is outstanding. I might use it in class when I teach that topic.

The second is “You Say You Want a Revolution” by blogger Ted Levy. His latest post reminds us of how often we fail to use our imagination to conceive of non-government solutions. One excerpt:

Similarly, now that the government cares for the poor, few of us can imagine how civil society handled such matters a century ago. Down the memory hole go the vast array of voluntary organizations that handled problems of health, insurance, and unemployment for the poor and did so until they were no longer needed because the government “took care of that.” And now we can’t conceive of it being done without government. To oppose federal programs for the poor is now assumed tantamount to wishing the poor were dead.