He wrote,

Egalitarian/Communitarians, who are always eager to rein in what they regard as the unjust excesses of technological progress and commerce, see carbon rationing as an effective tool to achieve that goal. Not surprisingly, Hierarchical/Individualists are highly suspicious when carbon rationing proposals just happen to fit the cultural values and policy preferences of Egalitarian/Communitarians.

It turns out that Bailey has written several articles on the Yale Cultural Cognition Project. In addition to the one linked above, see here and here.

These studies confirm reinforce the views of Jonathan Haidt in The Righteous Mind. Bailey and I confirm reinforced one another’s beliefs that confirmation bias is important.

He and I were talking last night at a memorial event for William Niskanen, Cato’s long-time chairman. I also got to speak briefly with Kathy Washburn Niskanen, saying that I hope that some of Bill’s dignity and integrity rubbed off on me by being around him.