Bryan makes a good argument in his post earlier today titled “Will False Belief in the SIVH Destroy Romney’s Candidacy?” The evidence against the Self-Interested Voter Hypothesis is strong. But Patrick R. Sullivan’s comment should not be missed. He wrote, “Romney? What about Barack Obama and The Life of Julia?” If we take both Romney (in his speech) and Obama (in his advertising) at their word, it seems that the two candidates agree on two important points:
1. Many people are dependent on government.
2. People vote their narrow self-interest.

It is #2 above that Bryan, quite rightly, disagrees with.

But if you start with those two assumptions, you reach the following conclusion:
3. People who are dependent on government will vote for the candidate who credibly (to them, at least) promises to keep the programs that have created that dependence.

Many people have expressed shock at Romney’s statement of his views. What I find most interesting is that Obama seems to share them.