Question for you: When was the last time you openly worried about “your side” treating “their side” unjustly?  This could mean:

1. “Your side” intellectually misrepresenting “their side.”

2. “Your side” politically oppressing “their side.”

3. “Your side” embracing positions that, taken seriously, justify politically oppressing “their side.”

To answer my own question, I never worry about #2, because the group I identify with – libertarians – has essentially zero political power.  However, I do occasionally worry about #1 and #3.  I cringe when libertarians e.g. attack Card and Krueger’s work on the minimum wage as “fraudulent” or talk as if Paul Krugman knows no economics.  Similarly, when radical libertarians daydream about waging a guerrilla war on the state, I fear this will end in mass murder of innocent civilians.  And when I say “innocent civilians,” I emphatically include the minor children of the guiltiest war criminal.

But enough about me.  How about you?  Answers from citizenists are especially welcome.