…I’d probably push for an incredibly stringent anti-hijacker policy.  After all, the last time a few individuals hijacked U.S. planes, it genuinely caused a war in Afghanistan and substantially raised the probability of a war in Iraq.  Massive loss of civilian life in both countries as a result.  

If I were a citizenist, by contrast, I would place less weight on the overseas loss of life, but I’d at least worry a lot about the deaths and injuries sustained by U.S. military forces and U.S. contractors caused by a successful hijacking.  
As we learned in the Fall of 2001, attacks upon U.S. soil have global externalities.  Perhaps there’s a Myth of the Rational Voter explanation for why those externalities exist, but the precise explanation is irrelevant: Good utilitarians take all the side effects of an action into account–rational or otherwise.  
So: A global utilitarian wouldn’t place much weight on how air travelers felt about the inconveniences of airport security, would she?