Last week, I argued that some ideas are inherently hard to sell to people with “Feeling” personalities:

If you’re trying to sell libertarianism to Feeling people, “hard head,
soft heart” ideas are more persuasive than “hard head, hard heart”
ideas.  But the libertarian remains at an inherent disadvantage against
intellectual rivals pedaling “soft head, soft heart” ideas.

Several critics replied that this is just a failure of imagination on my part.  If you can make an idea appealing to Thinking people, you can make it appealing to Feeling people.  Just skillfully repackage the product, and you’re done.

I’m skeptical, but I’d love to be proven wrong.  So I propose a simple challenge to pave the way to my refutation: Tell me how to sell the abolition of the minimum wage to the typical Feeling American. 

Please don’t give me any “hard heads, soft hearts” answers.  Give me “soft heads, soft hearts” answers.  You’re trying to persuade Oprah Winfrey, not Data from Star Trek after he gets his emotion chip.

Feel free to critique and improve on each others’ responses in the comments.  I’ll post the best candidates in the near future.