“If your phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.”  When a potential employers doesn’t call about your application, they’re telling you something about you – but they’re also saying something about themselves.  My friend Perry Metzger explains:

[Reprinted with Perry’s permission.]

BTW, one effect I notice few people talk about, perhaps because they haven’t done much mass searching through resumes…

I’ve been the person going through hundreds of resumes, one thing that
one is wary of is getting on the phone with someone who turns out to be a
total waste of time. Why? Because it is really difficult for human
beings to just hang up on someone three minutes in to a conversation.
We’re conditioned to be polite. So, even if you realize very fast that
the person is totally unsuitable, you have to keep talking.

is better from a personal sanity standpoint and a time management
standpoint to risk throwing the resume out early than to be caught
talking to an extra 80 people for an extra ten minutes each. That’s a lot of depressing waste of time…