My posts last week explained why the government should regulate, if not prohibit outright, meals cooked at home as a matter of public health and also as a matter of employment and prosperity (1, 2).

Here’s another idea. You require a license to drive, but why does the same license apply to a childless sixteen-year-old driving for the first time and a parent of three who is naturally going to be distracted by the need to care for the kids in the backseat? Does it not stand to reason that, in the name of the children, there should be tougher licensing requirements for parents? There are two beneficial effects. The first: kids are safer, and safety must be our #1 priority. The second: sufficiently stringent requirements might give rise to a new market of chauffeurs: professional drivers of children. This creates new employment and new income, and the income of the new chauffeurs spreads general prosperity.

Ridiculous? You jest. After all, it’s for the children. And if it’s being done for the children, it’s not only ok. It’s imperative.