I apologize if I’ve over-emphasized the “for the children!” meme recently, but today’s FEE article from Jeffrey A. Tucker, “The Abolition of the Playground: How Regulation Stifles Spontaneous Order and Play” deserves to be read widely. It’s popular to say that the 21st century needs entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and bold visionaries, but where will these entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and visionaries come from if we work to insulate them from risk at every turn?

I contributed a few chapters to Freedom and Prosperity in Tennessee last year, and in the process I got to read through pages upon pages of daycare regulations. These regulations make the perfect the enemy of the good, and access to affordable childcare is a major barrier to labor force participation for the poor. Easing up on the regulatory burden for childcare centers would make more childcare available and therefore make it easier for poor people–especially single mothers–to participate in the labor force.

Since I’ve already done this a few times in the last couple of weeks, I’ll leave the Bastiat-esque “Petition” proposal as an exercise for people who want to try their hand at it in the comments.

HT: Jeffrey Tucker and The Libertarian Homeschooler.