The Institute for Humane Studies’ project has created a Tumblr asking people why they are libertarians. This one caught my eye. Shayne, age 20, is

a LIBERTARIAN because I cannot remember a time without WAR abroad and WAR at home.

That’s a depressing reality, and one I was thinking about not terribly long ago. I’m 34 years old. The WAR ON TERROR has been going on for pretty much my entire post-college life (I was a first-semester grad student on 9/11/01).

My “Why I’m a Libertarian” is a bit mundane as it goes back to why I became a libertarian in the first place (peace and prosperity). Why I stay a libertarian, and why I get more radical with every passing day, has to do in no small part with Shayne’s reason:

I remain a radical libertarian in part because I want the wars on drugs and terror–and the attendant encroachments on liberty, dignity, and prosperity–to be history rather than current events when my kids grow up.

As a student of mine once wisely said, “perhaps we should stop fighting wars against abstract nouns.”

Disclosure: I’ve been paid for doing stuff for IHS and LearnLiberty, but not for blogging about them on EconLog.