A few years ago–I think this was at Division of Labour–I asked readers to go to RandomCountry.com, spin for a Random country, and then make the case for war with that country. With the prospect of military adventures in Syria on the horizon, it’s a good time to play again! So here’s how you play.

1. Spin for a Random Country.

2. If you already know a lot about that country, explain why we should bomb it.

3. If you don’t already know a lot about that country, read the country’s Wikipedia page and CIA World Factbook page. Then explain why we should bomb it.

My Random Country: San Marino (CIA World Factbook Page here).

Military action against San Marino is justified because the state was an unjust haven for 19th-century centralizers who sought to unify Italian regions over and above the protests of citizens of those regions. They achieved their “independence” by making a deal with the Italian centralizers that gives them special privileges relative to Italians in non-sovereign regions. By toppling the San Marino regime, we might be able to set in motion a process by which Italy can again decentralize and whereby we can right the 19th-century wrongs of unification.

Because after all, how do you know there weren’t grievous wrongs committed that we must right?

It’s fun for the whole family! Spin and explain in the comments section!