In response to something I wrote in January, I received a letter last week, postmarked January 30. Well played, U.S. Postal Service.

It’s like many I’ve received over the years when the writer doesn’t like an article or blog post I wrote or a statement I made on radio or television. I’ve gotten used to them, but I was thinking about it and realizing what the implicit–and almost explicit–message is.

To his credit, the author, Richard Giordano, signed his name and even provided a return address. Also, it was more polite and less nasty than most such letters I receive from people who disagree with me.

Here’s the whole letter:

Professor Henderson,
It seems strange to want to do away with public schools when you teach at one totally or partly subsidized by the Navy. Made me chuckle when I looked it up [I think the word is “up”] on the web.
God bless you sir and I hope there aren’t any more like you teaching there & filling heads with those ideas.
Thank you,
Richard Giordano

Here’s what I find interesting. It seems clear to me that had I advocated government-subsidized schools, Mr. Giordano would not have written that letter. So his upset is that I, although a member of a special interest benefiting from government subsidies, have not become an advocate of those subsidies.

So his message is: Please advocate the government subsidies that benefit your special interest.