I had the good fortune, in the last couple of weeks, to spend a good deal of time with Deirdre McCloskey. My Institute, Istituto Bruno Leoni, invited her to Italy for a series of seminars and lectures, including the keynote speech to our “Mises Seminar”, a biannual event for young scholars and PhD students.

Bourgeois Virtues.jpg

While in Italy, Professor McCloskey was interviewed at length for a morning TV show, “L’aria che tira”. The interview, realised by journalist Lorenzo Luzi, was very good and presents a nice summary of the McCloskeyan worldview on inequalities, progress, the problems with the Italian economy and what is needed to revive the “great enrichment”.

The best comment on the interview came on Twitter: “Do yourself a favour, and listen to this woman’s interview”. I wholeheartedly agree.