In our discussion about “designer babies,” I took on Dan Klein’s main argument against them–that we might get super achieving babies and, thus, lose our coherence with the past.

In the comments on my post on this topic, Dan raised a new concern that seemed to have nothing to do with designer babies. He wrote:

Technological progress will continue to lower the cost of destruction. Extrapolate the progress to a scenario in which any nutjob with a softball-sized device can take out a city block. There is a vast asymmetry between production and destruction, an asymmetry that should make us very concerned about the declining cost of destructive technology. You ask, “Should We Fear Progress?” In this matter, surely you agree we should have apprehensions about progress.

I do agree. This one makes me afraid, especially if it gets in the wrong hands. The “wrongest hands” would be those of terrorists. A close second would be the hands of governments. Of course, it will get in the hands of governments because the U.S. government is funding it.

The whole thing reminds me of the creepy Project X in Atlas Shrugged.