The [Harvard] College’s fourth most popular course, Economics 1017: “A Libertarian Perspective on Economic and Social Policy,” saw a significant jump in enrollment to 497 undergraduates from 251 undergraduates last year. Economics senior lecturer Jeffrey A. Miron, who teaches Ec 1017, attributed the course’s jump in popularity to the current election cycle, which has seen Libertarian presidential candidate Gary E. Johnson in the spotlight and rising in the polls.

Miron said topics in the course, like the immigration policy and the legalization of drugs in the context of economics, have attracted students during this year’s presidential campaign–which has featured candidates with significantly varying styles and ideologies.

“These are all things that are discussed actively in the political stage, and I think lots of people are interested to be hearing different perspectives,” Miron said.

This is from Ashley J. Kim, “Ec. Surpasses Computer Science in College’s Fall Enrollment,” Harvard Crimson, September 12.

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