As of yesterday, I had three outstanding election bets.

1. Nathaniel Bechhofer bet me 2:1 that Clinton would win the presidential election.  I bet against.

2. A bunch of people bet me Gary Johnson would win 5% of the popular vote.  I bet against.

3. Nathaniel Bechhofer bet me at even odds that Trump would concede by Saturday.  I bet against.

I always bet my beliefs, not my wishes.  So sadly, I have won all three bets, leaving my perfect public betting record intact.  What about Brexit?  Britain is still in the EU for now.  I’ll pay when it officially leaves and not a minute before.  And if it’s still in on January 1, 2020, I want my money.

P.S. I’m especially disappointed to lose to Bechhofer because there would be no shame in losing to a man of his tremendous intellect.  Feel better, my friend.