Dan Klein comments on Donald Trump’s FDA nominee for the Heartland Institute. Klein, with Alex Tabarrok, edits the FDA Review project of the Independent Institute.

On Gottlieb, Klein is very positive:

Scott Gottlieb is not a William Lloyd Garrison, but he motions consistently in the liberalization direction, toward reforms that would move the ball to the 45-yard line. Regarding the permission process, he has favored extending accelerated review to wider categories of drugs, simplifying permitting of generics, and depending more on surrogate-measure evidence, existing data, approval in other nations, and post-market follow-up. For patients, he has favored expanding “the right to try” or compassionate use. He has favored liberalizing manufacturer speech regarding off-label uses. He would, therefore, make the FDA less stingy with the permissions it issues. Also, he has favored making the FDA explain its decision when declining to permit a drug.

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