My wife and I saw a very good movie on HBO last night: East Side Sushi. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it at least an 8. As well as being first-rate drama, with a little humor, it’s a beautiful illustration of how free labor markets work.

Partial spoilers ahead.

The particular economic content I liked (even if the writer, Anthony Lucero, didn’t know that that’s what he was doing–and in some of the cases below, he clearly knew):

. Pointing out the dangers of selling out of a fruit cart in California when concealed carry is not allowed.

. Showing how a woman who wants to better her station in life makes an investment in her own skills.

. Showing how the woman gets around what she suspects, correctly, is prejudice against women.

. Showing how, with her skills, she gradually overcomes discrimination.

. And, as a bonus, showing a beautiful illustration of culinary cultural appropriation.