The scientists calculated that one 220,000-gallon, commercial-size swimming pool contained almost 20 gallons of urine. In a residential pool (20-by-40-foot, five-feet deep), that would translate to about two gallons of pee. It’s only about one-hundredth of a percent, but any urine in a swimming pool can be a health concern for some people, not to mention that smell that never quite goes away.

This is from Erika Engelhaupt, “Just How Much Pee Is In That Pool?,” March 1, 2017.

HT2 Tyler Cowen.

Maybe I’m just a glass half full person, or, in this case, a glass greater than 99.99% full, but here’s my question for economically literate people:

Does this number for a commercial pool translate straightforwardly the way she says for a private pool? Remember that this is an economic question, not an arithmetic question.