Byron York, in “Crime and immigration: What’s in the Dream Act,” Washington Examiner, September 7, writes:

Commentary on the DACA controversy frequently notes that the nation’s nearly 700,000 so-called Dreamers are a law-abiding group. But a new bill to give DACA recipients full legal status, sponsored by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake and Democratic Sens. Richard Durbin and Chuck Schumer, would allow newly legalized Dreamers to have many run-ins with the law — arrests, charges, convictions — and still receive benefits.

What follows is not a comment on the merits of that bill.

After quoting a key part of the bill, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, a thinker whose writing I often respect, comments:

If only they were as lenient with citizens who break the law.

His ignorance of the law is stunning. Not only is the government “as lenient” with U.S. citizens who break the law, but also it is way more lenient. Under the bill that York and Reynolds discusses, for example, someone who rapes or murders would get tossed out of the country. Is Reynolds aware what would happen to a U.S.-born citizen who raped or murdered? Would he get deported?

Answer: No.

Although I did not read all 49 comments on his post that have appeared so far, I did read about 20. Not one of the 20 noted this huge error.

One of Glenn’s commenters writes “If I were a legal immigrant, I would be furious.” It’s clear from context that she would be furious at the proposed law. I’m a legal immigrant; I’m not furious.