A nice quote on pessimistic bias during the reign of King James I from Hume’s History of England:

Every session of parliament, during this reign, we meet with grievous
lamentations concerning the decay of trade and the growth of popery:
Such violent propensity have men to complain of the present times, and
to entertain discontent against their fortune and condition. The king
himself was deceived by these popular complaints, and was at a loss to
account for the total want of money, which he heard so much exaggerated. It may, however, be affirmed, that, during no preceding period of
English history, was there a more sensible encrease, than during the
reign of this monarch, of all the advantages which distinguish a
flourishing people. Not only the peace which he maintained, was
favourable to industry and commerce: His turn of mind inclined him to
promote the peaceful arts: And trade being as yet in its infancy, all
additions to it must have been the more evident to every eye, which was
not blinded by melancholy prejudices.

HT: Dan Klein