I had a blast doing this. Here is the link.

Now the highlights. The times listed are roughly right.

3:30 to 5:00: My bio

5:00 to 15:00: How I got hooked on economics, especially the role of Harold Demsetz

15:30 to 18:00: Advice Milton Friedman gave 19-year-old me.

18:25: My change in plans after my brother committed suicide.

19:40: My ah-hah moment when I realized that I could really understand some technical economics.

21:15: Demsetz, “Remind me who you are.”

23:00: “No one has wanted me in my life.”

24:00: Tullock is so Tullock.

25:00: Buchanan on the “UCLA disease.”

27:40: How I almost ended my shot at grad school.

29:25: Bob Murphy on “ethnic cleansing” at NYU (humor).

30:00: Axel Leijonhufvud’s depressing orientation talk.

31:20: Demsetz’s no-nonsense approach.

32:00: “Seatbelt Sam” Peltzman.

37:35: Alchian’s class and the UCLA disease.

41:20: Bill Baumol.

44:40: How I got to be a summer intern at Nixon’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA).

46:30: My shock in June 1973 when the Old Executive Office Building flew the huge Soviet flag.

48:00: Staying away from price controls.

49:30: Acting senior economist—at age 22.

50:00: My argument with Justice Department’s chief economist, George Hay.

52:50: Niskanen not sold on me for CEA senior economist.

53:20: I said we bought a house; I wish. I should have said we rented a house.

53:40: Feldstein invites me not to come.

54:40: My gotchas on Marty Feldstein’s work are better than those of Ted Kennedy’s staff.

56:00: Boning up on health economics.

57:00: Marty Feldstein’s meeting with whole CEA.

57:20: My big risk to become health economist.

59:00: My perception of Larry Summers’s and Paul Krugman’s views of UCLA.

1:00:00: Honesty is the best policy.

1:03:30: 1970s price controls on oil.

1:08:45: Krugman, Summers famous inflation memo.

1:10:30: Murphy’s and my inflation bet.

1:14:00: My motives in betting.

1:16:40: My Mercatus study of Canada’s 1990s/early 2000s budget cuts.

1:21:50: Post-WWII budget cuts: no depression.

1:24:00: How I got writing on war.

1:26:30: My 1990 Wall Street Journal op/ed on why the U.S. government shouldn’t got to war for oil. (Edited by David Frum.)

1:27:00: Started writing for antiwar.com.

1:28:50: The quality of discussions with my students at the Naval Postgraduate School.

1:29:30: “I didn’t invade Iraq; maybe some of you did.”

1:33:00: “I think it’s something called the First Amendment.”

1:35:00:  Q&A with Leon Panetta.

1:38:40: The background to my book The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey.

1:39:50: How Phil Magness came to his libertarian views.

1:41:00: The background to Henderson and Hooper, Making Great Decisions in Business and Life.

1:42:30: Computing present values with an implicit real interest rate of zero.