Back in April, my often co-author and friend Charley Hooper was asked to testify on Zoom in front of a citizens’ commission in Canada that was investigating various responses to Covid-19.

Here is the link to the Frontier Centre’s post on his testimony. You can then click on the link there to watch his testimony (or click on this link.)

Some highlights follow.

4:00: The mismatch.

5:50: The controversy over ivermectin.

8:20: When various drugs were available to deal with Covid-19.

9:00: History of ivermectin.

10:40: Drugs used for disease A often work with disease B.

11:30: Ivermectin kills lots of viruses.

11:58: Does it work?

12:10: Merck and FDA attack ivermectin.

14:00: FDA claimed that ivermectin is not an anti-viral.

15:00: FDA’s motives: EUA, off-label usage

17:40: Merck’s motives

18:50: Notice the host’s question.

20:30: The TOGETHER trial.

24:00: The other studies, many of which found benefits.

26:00: Host’s question about early treatment.

27:25: A basic principle with treating viruses is to treat early.

28:00: Other drugs not as good and some have serious side effects, such as acute kidney failure and harm to DNA.

29:50: Statistical significance.

31:00: Results versus narrative. “Only” 91.2% sure or 93% sure.

34:00: How ridiculous this would be.

35:30: Conclusion: In pandemic try drugs off the shelf.

39:30: How could this be done better? Get rid of FDA censorship: allow drug companies to make money (a little slim on details here) after patent has expired.

45:30: Repeal efficacy requirement.