Yesterday, I recorded a 25-minute segment on RT, along with Thomas DiLorenzo, an economics professor at Loyola University Maryland, Max Gulker, an economist at the American Institute for Economic Research, and host Peter Lavelle. Lavelle is based in Moscow.

The topic: Millennials and Socialism.

It wasn’t me at my best, but it was pretty good.

Warning: At about the 10-minute point, I did something uncharacteristic of me: I got a little angry when I tried to jump in, which I thought we were encouraged to do. The point I made was one I had just in read in co-blogger Bryan Caplan’s book Open Borders about what happens to average height in a room full of NBA players when a bunch of school kids enter.

A friend of mine pointed out on the phone this morning how interesting it is that a segment totally devoted to the idea that socialism is awful is shown on a station financed by the Russian government. He stated, and I think I agree, that if CNN had had such a show, the host would likely be fired.