The reason why things don’t work properly is that the right people are not in politics. Of course, what you think are the right people is not necessarily what your neighbor thinks, so ultimately the problem is a lack of national unity. What is needed is that we share the same values under democratic political leadership. And even this is not enough. Every voter must spend at least as much time studying every major political issue as he spends buying a new car. Add inclusivity to all this, and the proliferation of externalities would become solvable. If we are one, there cannot be anything external to us (reminder: the main characteristic of externalities is that they are external to the market). With more Alexandria Occasio-Cortezs and more Sidney Powells in politics, with more knowledgeable and devoted bureaucrats, we could hope that greedy consumers would stop gouging businesses, that rational policies would prevail, and that people with good union jobs would work selflessly for our children.

My readers will understand that the model of the state adumbrated above is poles apart from any defensible political and social theory. We may say it’s balderdash. It’s an excuse to playfully mark the 2021 April Fools’ Day (check this link to the Encyclopedia Britannica and you will see what the fish has to do with all that).