Consider this general syllogism:


Issue X is complicated.

Perspective Y’s position on X is not complicated.

Therefore, Perspective Y is wrong about X.


It’s a solid argument, and one we can apply to endless pressing issues.


For instance:

Gender relations are complicated.

MeToo’s position on gender relations is not complicated.

Therefore, MeToo is wrong about gender relations.



Relations with Russia are complicated.

Russia hawks’ position on Russian relations is not complicated.

Therefore, Russia hawks are wrong about Russian relations.


Could people misuse this syllogism as an excuse to dismiss any view they don’t like?  Sure.  But it probably matters not, because there’s an infinite supply of such excuses.

Could people use this syllogism to swiftly dismiss views that aren’t worth their time?  Once again, sure.  And that’s a good thing, because we’re running short on time already.