If I were fighting for the civil rights of today’s most favored groups – women, BIPOCs, and LGBTQIA+s – and had 200 successful civil rights complaints resolved on behalf of those groups, I am confident that I’d be promoted in the mainstream media as a modern-day Martin Luther King. But given the unfavored groups I’m fighting for, my civil rights efforts and successes are convenient to ignore by the mainstream outlets like the Chronicle of Education and Inside Higher Ed.

This is from Glenn Harlan Reynolds, “Fighting Campus Bigotry with Prof. Mark J. Perry,” Glenn’s Substack, January 9, 2023.

You might wonder why I, who favor freedom of association, herald Mark Perry as a hero. It’s because I don’t favor allowing discrimination on the grounds of race or gender when the organization doing it is funded by taxpayers. Here’s the crucial part of the interview in which Mark Perry addresses that issue:

As recipients of Federal financial assistance (e.g., Federal Pell Grants and Federal student loans, research grants), US colleges and universities are legally required to enforce federal civil rights laws including Title VI and Title IX as a condition of receiving taxpayer-funded assistance. Recipient institutions are required to regularly certify in writing to the Department of Education that they are actively enforcing federal civil rights laws and prohibiting any discrimination against students, staff, or faculty on the basis of sex, race, color, or national origin.