I went through all my blog posts for 2020; there were approximately 250 of them and I singled out 24 for my top posts. That’s too many and so I whittled it down to 12.

Here they are from earliest to latest:

Tales of Socialism, February 6.

Winners, Losers, and Interesting Aspects of the Dem Debate, February 20.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Flattening the Curve, March 24.

Why the Stimulus Bill As Written Will Keep Unemployment High, March 25.

The VSL Quandary, April 12.

Zingales on the Rule of Economists, May 17.

Commissar Komisar, May 21.

Benjamin Boyce Interviews Adrian Lee Oliver, July 15.

What’s the Moral Case for Capitalism?, August 20.

A Partial Defense of Milton Friedman’s 1970 NYT Essay, September 21.

Is Cowen Right about the Great Barrington Declaration? Part 1, October 16.

Vaccines’ Last Hurdle: Central Planners, December 4.

I’m curious what some of your favorites are.