Here they are, from earliest to latest:

  1. Greg Mankiw Gets It Partly Right, January 29.
  2. Green Airbnb, February 25.
  3. David Frum Accidentally Makes the Case for More Immigration, March 13.
  4. Henderson on Unintended Consequences of Grounding the Boeing 737 Max, March 20.
  5. Alan Reynolds Catches Shoddy Reporting About Federal Reserve Survey, May 6.
  6. Baseball Great Albert Pujols Defends Property Rights, May 10.
  7. Reflections on the Democratic Debate, July 31.
  8. You’re Not Using the Money for Anything, September 4.
  9. Paul Romer Likes Anarchy and Thinks It’s Government, September 5.
  10. Stoller’s Hatchet Job on Aaron Director, September 22.


I’m curious: what do EconLog readers think are some of my best for 2019?

Also Happy New Year to my co-bloggers, the people who work for Liberty Fund, and, last but not least, our EconLog readers.