If I were trying to oust the Conservative Party right now, here’s what I’d do, in order:

1. Force Boris Johnson to delay Brexit, in order to (a) make hard-line Brexit supporters feel betrayed by him, and (b) humiliate him before swing voters.

2. After Johnson’s humiliation, call for new elections.

Everything in British politics over the last few months seems highly consistent with this strategy.  After all, the opposition has voted to forbid no-deal Brexit and refused to vote for an early election.  Johnson even taunted, “This is the first time in history that the opposition has voted to show confidence in Her Majesty’s government.”

What puzzles me: I can’t find any prominent observer explicitly stating that Johnson’s opponents are pursuing this strategy.  Is my story so obvious that no one needs to say it?  So unflattering for both sides that no one wants to say it? Am I overly conspiratorial?  Missing something?

Responses from experts on British politics are especially welcome.