The destruction that vandals and looters in Wisconsin (and in Minnesota and a number of other states) have carried out in the last few weeks is horrendous. The destruction has largely been wreaked on innocent people. I found very moving the video of the guy, posted the day after the destruction began, whose family business in Kenosha was destroyed even though he had done nothing to deserve it.

What heartens me is that a very large percent of Americans see what’s wrong with this.

What disheartens me is that many of those same people don’t have anywhere near the same amount of outrage when the U.S. government rains destruction on innocent people and businesses in other countries. In a typical U.S. bombing of people in another country, the bombing is not so targeted that it hits only criminals and terrorists. It hits a lot of innocent people too and, in some cases, mainly innocent people. If anything, our outrage at the U.S. government should be greater because the destruction is so much greater.