If, like Mike Huemer, you oppose both gun control and immigration restrictions, you’ll appreciate this fine piece of ridicule from Chris Rasch:

Just imagine what would happen if we relaxed gun laws. Poor people
would buy guns. Uneducated people would buy guns. Many of them would
commit crimes. Do you really want poor, uneducated people owning a gun
in your neighborhood? Just look at how many of them already buy guns
illegally! We can’t allow people who disrespect our laws to own a gun!
Only until we’ve secured the existing black market in guns, can we
possibly consider increasing legal gun ownership.

You say you’re at risk from a stalker? You own a convenience store
in a bad neighborhood? Well, that’s no excuse for disobeying the law.
You should stand in line with everyone else. Or hire a security guard.
Or maybe you should’ve treated your ex better or spent a little more
time cleaning up your neighborhood. If you had, maybe you wouldn’t need
a gun in the first place. 

If you’ve spent your life in latte-land, you may not get the joke.  Just imagine making this argument to a recreational border guard with a gun collection, and all will be clear.