David Gordon makes a category error.

The other factor was more fundamental; we have discussed it already but now Rothbard elaborated on it in more detail. Crane and Koch, in a quest for political power, wished to compromise with libertarian principle. This process did not begin with the Childs-Mueller view of nuclear policy. Rather, the first deviation came about when David Henderson, a supporter of the Chicago School rather than Austrian economics, received an appointment to Cato, over Rothbard’s strong opposition. “The Sarajevo of the Cato Institute was a seemingly simple act: the hiring of Dr. David Henderson as his policy analyst and economist.”

This is from David Gordon, “Murray Rothbard on the Kochtopus.” David is normally a careful writer who reads books and articles with a jeweler’s eye. Nevertheless, in the above quote (not the Sarajevo quote from Rothbard but the whole paragraph), he makes a simple category mistake. Take as given that I am “a supporter of the Chicago School,” which is an oversimplification. Can you spot the mistake?