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Veronique de Rugy

Industrial Policy Isn't About Jobs

Business Economics Jul 28 2023

Speech Re-Education

Economics and Culture Dec 23 2022

What Productivity-Pay Gap?

Labor Mobility, Immigration, Outsourcing Dec 9 2022

Fraud in the PPP: Quelle Surprise!

Incentives Dec 4 2022

Let's Talk Turkey About Work

Business Economics Nov 24 2022

Who Will Carry the Classical Liberals?

Politics and Economics Nov 18 2022

Industrial Policy on Parade

Incentives Oct 20 2022

Divided Government: Hopeful or Hurtful?

Central Planning Oct 14 2022

Zoning Reform Backfires

Incentives Sep 25 2022

Inflation Has Peaked.

Money and Inflation Sep 18 2022

The Road to Serfdom is Paved by Conservatives

Economic Philosophy Sep 9 2022

One of these things is not like the other one...

Politics and Economics Sep 2 2022

Blind Faith Baloney

Central Planning Aug 25 2022

The Witch Hunts Continue

Regulation Feb 9 2022

Bad Timing and Budget Gimmicks

Fiscal Policy Oct 8 2021

Climate Change: Compared to What?

Energy, Environment, Resources Sep 10 2021

Taxes? What Taxes?

Fiscal Policy Sep 8 2021

Misplaced Outrage About the Debt Ceiling

Fiscal Policy Aug 31 2021

COVID, and Stimuli, and Keynes, oh my!

Fiscal Policy Jun 8 2021