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John Phelan

Marijuana Legalization and Econ 101

Economic Education Jan 30 2024

Hyperinflation in Germany, 1921-1923

Economic History Nov 9 2023

The True Story of the Oil Crisis of 1973-1974

Economic History Oct 19 2023

A sub-minimum wage or no wage at all?

Labor Market Sep 19 2023

Tax Exiles

Economics and Culture Aug 25 2023

The Coolidge Curve

Economic History Aug 10 2023

Trading Places: A Viewer’s Guide

Economics and Culture Jul 5 2023

Econ 101 Lessons from Highway 61 Revisited

Economic Education Jun 4 2023

A Modest Proposal to Fix Social Security

Social Security May 9 2023

Not enough housing? Let the market in.

Cross-country Comparisons Mar 29 2023

Britain's National Health Service is in Critical Condition

Cross-country Comparisons Feb 26 2023

Now is the winter of our discontent…

Economic History Feb 10 2023

The Costs and Benefits of Peer Review

Cost-benefit Analysis Jan 25 2023

A 5.5% hit from Brexit? Not so fast

Eurozone crisis Jan 15 2023

One of these monetary expansions is not like the other...

Cross-country Comparisons Dec 26 2022

A Century of Irish Economic Independence

Cross-country Comparisons Dec 6 2022

Fascism's Words AND Deeds

Central Planning Oct 28 2022

Sterling's- and Everybody's- Crisis

Cross-country Comparisons Oct 14 2022

Wednesday, Black and White

Economic History Sep 16 2022

Inflation Last Time

Economic History Aug 28 2022

Why a wealth tax was abandoned in Britain.

Economic History Jul 17 2022

Econ101 Lessons from St. Paul

Economic Education Apr 3 2022